Mobility+Designed was featured in Co.Design and highlights the story and features of the M+D Crutch
Our story was featured by Business Insider explaining the purpose behind our redesign of traditional crutches
Design Boom featured the M+D Crutch in an article focusing on its design using elbows not armpits for weight distribution
Gizmodo published an article featuring the comfort enhancements of the M+D Crutch over the traditional crutch
Mobility+Designed CoFounder Max Younger was featured by Huffington Post discussing why mobility should be as pain free as possible
The Mobility+Designed crutch was featured by The Verge explaining why the M+D Crutch is superior to the traditional crutch
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Underarm crutches are painful.

85% of people report feeling pain in their hands and wrists when using standard underarm crutches. Whether you rely on crutches long-term, or you use them during recovery – mobility should not be painful.
Underarm crutches are painful - The M+D Crutch reduces pain, making for a better mobility experience

Meet the M+D Crutch.

Comfortable. Versatile. Functional.

Mobility+Designed Crutch - Arms Up And Crutch On

Arms up. Crutch on.

A hinged arm cradle can be unlocked to provide an enhanced range of motion by enabling you to reach for things without having to remove your crutch.

Mobility+Designed Crutch - On and off in a snap

On and off in a snap.

Made of flexible anti-microbial material, the M+D Crutch arm bands conform to your arms to provide maximum support with the ability to get in and out of your crutches quickly and easily.

Mobility+Designed Crutch - Free Your Hands

Free your hands.

The ergonomic hand grips rotate out of the way with the push of a button, freeing your hands for other things.

Mobility+Designed Black Single Crutch

From $199 + S&H

Own the future of your mobility.

Experience functional comfort and less pain when using the M+D Crutch.

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Rent the M+D Crutch

Ditch the pain of an underarm crutch as you recover from an injury or surgery. Upgrade to the comfort and versatility of the M+D Crutch for $65/month today.