Introducing the Combo Stix by Mobility Designed

Since releasing the flagship M+D Crutch in 2016, our team here at Mobility Designed has learned valuable lessons about our business, the mobility industry, and most importantly, the needs of our customers. We now understand that daily crutch users have a variety of mobility aids to choose from, just like pairs of shoes. Each day presents new challenges, and the user wants a range of mobility products to choose from. We have taken these learnings and developed a new product that we believe is affordable, accessible, and above all, a mobility option full of opportunity and personal preference. Mobility Designed is excited to finally release the Combo Stix!

When limitations are inevitable, adaptable options lead to possibility.

While the Combo Stix offer the same ergonomic platform mode that you use with the M+D Crutch, we also designed it to have a second position: forearm mode. This 2-in-1 design allows you to choose the most comfortable crutch style based on your present environment.


The Combo Stix design allows you to switch from a platform position to a reclined forearm position in a matter of seconds and both modes enable you to bare your body’s weight for longer periods of time. “The angle of the reclined forearm position on the Combo Stix allows for 40% less pressure against the hands and wrists compared to traditional forearm crutches. The platform position, essentially, removes all of the pressure from the hands and wrists and redistributes it throughout the forearms,” said Co-founder and Designer, Max Younger.

The Combo Stix give you the option to adapt to your environment and navigate your surroundings in a personalized way. With two positions to choose from, you can switch the angle at which you are applying pressure, relieving pain, and redistributing your body weight as you wish.

So… what is the difference between the M+D Crutch and the Combo Stix?

We understand the mobility aid market is composed of different users and needs. “There is no individual answer or solution that fits the millions of people who need crutches each year.. So, Mobility Designed has broken the market down into two primary segments: acute, temporary users and chronic, daily users. We understand that each segment has a different set of needs,” said CEO of Mobility Designed, Dan Alcazar.

The Combo Stix is built for the temporary user. If you fall into the acute, temporary user segment, we recommend purchasing the Combo Stix because as a temporary user you may not know what positioning works best for you and the Combo Stix gives you options. As a temporary crutch user might understand, learning to stay mobile without the use of both of your legs is not easy. The Combo Stix will help you, the temporary user, quickly learn which mode you favor when getting mobility assistance.

The M+D Crutch is built for the daily user. If you are a chronic, daily user, we recommend the M+D Crutch because you are a more experienced user and live with the frustration of not being able to use your hands while walking. The M+D Crutches provide you with a hinged cradle that gives you the freedom to use your hands and get daily tasks done while maintaining your stability, a feature you can find nowhere else.

Both sets of crutch feet are built to grip the Earth’s surfaces.

The feet on the M+D Crutch are higher-end and offer a unique contact patch that provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. Both crutch feet are made from the same material and are interchangeable. The custom tread pattern on both feet prevents hydroplaning because they don’t allow water to remain trapped under the crutch foot, a common occurrence while using typical crutch feet.

We know the daily user has multiple mobility aids in their closet, so that is why we encourage the chronic mobility aid user to purchase both the M+D Crutch and the Combo Stix. “It’s like a pair of shoes, the M+D Crutch is a great pair of shoes, some of the best you can get for certain things like having the option to use your hands, and the Combo Stix offer a little bit different benefits to you. The M+D Crutch offers some benefits that the Combo Stix do not offer, but together they provide you with a pretty good mobility wardrobe,” said Max.

Where should you purchase the crutches?

Our products are available on Amazon, at select local retailers, and on our website. “We would love it if you purchased it directly from M+D, but the key for us is that you are buying our products and experience the benefits that our designs deliver. Delivering a pain-free experience, allowing our users to be mobile, whether during a recovery period or the rest of their lives and living a fulfilling life, is the reason we exist,” said Dan.

Wherever you purchase our product, we are here to be a resource for you and are available to talk on the phone or chat through email. We are proud of the customer service we deliver and go to great lengths to ensure positive user experiences.

Have more questions? Contact us at 844-637-7837 or

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