Is The M+D Crutch Right For Me?


Is The M+D Crutch Right for Me?


Over the past four years, we have received tons of great questions from each of our unique users. We found that many adults are looking for an alternative to their mobility aids such as forearm crutches, walkers and knee scooters. Mobility Designed believes that the ergonomic M+D Crutch is the best solution to your mobility challenges! This blog highlights some of the most important questions to ask yourself before purchasing the M+D Crutch.


“One of the problems that I have with the crutches I currently use is that I get tired using them pretty early in the day.  My hands and armpits get sore. To fix this, I have to put down my crutches and essentially lose my mobility. Will the M+D Crutch help me stay ‘on my feet’ for longer during the day?”

When our co-founder, Max Younger, started designing a new mobility solution for his father, allowing his dad to stay mobile and “on his feet” for longer periods of time was his number one priority. Auxiliary crutches or walkers can cause pain in the wrists and hands and require you to take multiple breaks throughout the day. Max thoughtfully designed the M+D Crutch to relieve stress from these parts of the body by redistributing your weight to your forearms. This new design allows for less stress and, in turn, pain-free mobility. Not only does the M+D Crutch allow for a more natural mobility experience, it also allows you to remain more active throughout the day.


Dan taking a walk with his grandson


“The M+D Crutch looks so different than anything I have seen. How hard is it to learn to use them?”

The reason our crutches look different than anything you have ever seen is because they are different than anything you’ve ever seen. Some of our users even describe the M+D Crutch as “something out of Star Wars.” Mobility Designed is committed to taking care of you. On our website you can find comprehensive training videos to help you overcome almost any learning curve. Just as with new product, our crutches may take a small bit of time to adjust to, but pain-free mobility outweighs any challenge.

“When I am on unstable/slippery surfaces like loose gravel, sand, ice and wet surfaces, I don’t have much confidence.  How stable is the M+D Crutch?”

Mobility Designed understands that the fear of falling when using traditional mobility aids is a real concern for most people – especially on unstable or slippery surfaces. For this reason, we designed a revolutionary, patented crutch foot that, with its anti-slip material, grips to a variety of surfaces. Our long-term users are frequently amazed with how long the M+D Crutch Feet last and how well they perform on slick surfaces. In fact, one of our users took the crutches on an outdoor hike up a trail with uneven and slippery surfaces!

“I can move around OK with my current crutches but can’t use my hands for other activities while remaining stable. Does the M+D Crutch hands-free design really mean I can use my hands and still feel supported?”

If you are using a mobility aid to get from one place to another, doesn’t it make sense that you should be able to use your hands too? The M+D Crutch empowers you to use your hands without having to lose your mobility. Our crutches allow your forearm to be supported within the padded cradle, giving you security, stability and greater comfort. With your arms secured in the cradle and your hands free, you’re able to get back to living your daily life. This design allows you to take a photo, use your phone or grill out with your family.

Kelly picking up a bag without having to put down her crutches


“I am a long-term crutch/cane user and have damage to my wrists and shoulders because of my crutches. Will I be able to use the M+D Crutch?”

Many painful conditions can affect the use of your hands including arthritis, carpal tunnel and long-term auxiliary crutch usage. That’s why M+D focuses on taking pressure off your hands and naturally redistributing it to the elbows and forearms. We even have some users who are below the elbow amputees that successfully use the M+D Crutch!

The M+D Crutch costs more than regular crutches.  Are they worth it?

Traditional crutches limit the design, usability and above all comfort. The ergonomic M+D Crutch is a better forearm adult crutch than traditional crutches and knee scooters. It provides a padded cradle and hands-free experience. With customer service that is second to none, we will take care of you while you are taking care of yourself. HSA and FSA fully cover the cost of our crutches.  Plus, many of our users can receive reimbursement from their insurance or Medicaid! Click here to learn more.

At Mobility Designed we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy life through pain-free, limitless mobility. What you are buying is the ability to talk on the phone, carry your coffee, cook dinner, and much more! At the end of the day, mobility freedom is priceless!

I just had surgery that is going to require me to be on crutches for a few months. Does the M+D Crutch make sense for me?

The simple answer is yes it does make sense for you. For years, Mobility Designed has provided the M+D Crutch as a modern alternative to traditional auxiliary crutches, knee scooters and walkers. Whether you are living or recovering with crutches, the M+D Crutch is designed to make your life comfortable.

Still Have Questions?

If you have made it this far and are still wondering if the M+D Crutch is the right solution for you, we encourage you to give us a call at 844-637-7837 or email us at

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