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Mobility+Designed was featured in Co.Design and highlights the story and features of the M+D Crutch
Our story was featured by Business Insider explaining the purpose behind our redesign of traditional crutches
Design Boom featured the M+D Crutch in an article focusing on its design using elbows not armpits for weight distribution
Gizmodo published an article featuring the comfort enhancements of the M+D Crutch over the traditional crutch
Mobility+Designed CoFounder Max Younger was featured by Huffington Post discussing why mobility should be as pain free as possible
The Mobility+Designed crutch was featured by The Verge explaining why the M+D Crutch is superior to the traditional crutch
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Regular underarm crutches are painful.

Of respondents surveyed, pain was reported in the following
areas related to underarm crutch use:

85% of respondents reported less pain in their hands and wrists when using the Mobility+Designed crutch


75% of respondents reported less pain in their forearms and elbows when using the Mobility+Designed crutch


79% of respondents reported less pain in their shoulders when using the Mobility+Designed crutch


71% of respondents reported not hurting at all when using the Mobility+Designed crutch

Study Results Speak For Themselves

A comparative study was conducted to determine the difference in pressure,

applied to load bearing points of the user’s body,

between M+D products and traditional crutch solutions.

Greater comfort & versatility with less
pain using M+D mobility products.

Surveyed M+D Crutch users reported significant reduction in pain to

hands, wrists, shoulders, elbows and lower back when comparing

their use of underarm or forearm crutches.

373% Improvement

Hand & Wrist Pain

124% Improvement

Forearm & Elbow Pain

67% Improvement

Shoulder Pain

73% of respondents believe the Mobility+Designed crutch is worth their price

“I believe that the value the
M+D Crutches provide me
is worth their price.

65% of respondents believe the Mobility+Designed crutch increased their confidence related to their mobility

“The M+D Crutches
increased my confidence
[related to my mobility].”

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