Traveling With Crutches – Five Questions With M+D Crutch User, Vix

#TravelingWithADisability is a thing, right? Well, if you asked the hundreds of people posting with this hashtag, you would probably find out that it is!

Vix (they/them) was headed to California to see their partner. It was their first time traveling with a mobility device and they had a lot of uncertainties and questions going into the trip. The Mobility Designed team had a chance to talk with one of our M+D Crutch users, Vix N, to learn about their experience while traveling across the country with crutches.

VIx in the grass

Five Questions about Traveling with M+D Crutch user, Vix

1. Who is Vix?

Vix is a full-time student and part-time elementary school teacher out of Tennessee. They do not use the M+D Crutches every day but end up using them when their joints flare up and cause uncomfortable pain. According to Vix, these flare episodes are most likely due to Crohn’s Disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract.

“Crohn’s Disease isn’t something I ever expected to deal with, but I’m grateful for days like today that remind me of where I used to be and where I am and how far I’ve come since,” Vix said.

Vix decided to travel with crutches because they never know when a flare episode may occur. Like many of our users, they typically only use one M+D Crutch but bring both along just in case.

“I’m finally accepting that my body needs more support some days than others,” Vix said.

Vix discovered the M+D Crutches after doing a little bit of research to find the best product for their mobility needs! A walker was going to be too big to drag around and a cane was not giving them the support or confidence they needed. The platform positioning with the  M+D Crutches was the perfect fit!

“I bought a pair of crutches from Mobility Designed and my quality of life has improved immensely. I don’t need them every day, but on the days that I do, they’ve proven to help me live my life. I don’t have to spend my pain days JUST IN BED anymore!”

Vix in airport

2. Is there any extra planning you had to do that an able-bodied person wouldn’t have to think about?

“Definitely. My partner also uses mobility aids and they gave lots of advice on how to travel with crutches, how to ask for assistance, and where my crutches would need to go during my flights. The reactions were mixed– I got some very kind and helpful people during flights and airport time, and some people who seemed to see me as an annoyance when asking where to put my crutches, needing to take extra time to get myself situated, etc.”

3. What was the most difficult/frustrating thing for you to do?

“There were lots of stares from people trying to figure out what my crutches were and also likely, why I used them. I am also fat, so I know people were likely wondering if I was using the crutches because I was fat or if I actually “needed” the support. I wore a shirt made by Sam Reid that states ‘Sicker than your average’ to let them know vaguely that I do have a reason to use my crutches.

4. What was something you found surprisingly easy because of your M+D Crutches?

“Having energy to do what I needed to do! Also, how much support they really do offer on days when I’m having joint flares. I was grateful to have both of them with me when I overdid it some days and needed the extra stability. I usually use one every day for general pain but both if I need the extra support.”

5. Is there anything you would like to create awareness of when traveling with a mobility challenge?

“If we look like we might be struggling with a mobility aid, feel free to ask if we need help. I think a lot of people think it’s too taboo to do so, and a lot of people have had mobility aids for a period of time who don’t need extra help. But as someone who was struggling to get acclimated, someone asking if I could have used a hand would have been something I would have welcomed.“

“Oh, to be free and to move my body feels so good.”

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