Which Crutch Is Right For You?





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At Mobility+Designed, our goal is to help you find a mobility solution that works for you, while reducing your pain. Data shows that traditional underarm crutches (aka axillary crutches) and forearm crutches can cause significant pressure on the nerves under your arms and in your wrists, causing both temporary pain and potenital for long-term damage.


With that in mind, we have developed our M+D Cruch and Combo Stix products with the goal of helping you live in comfort or recover in comfort. To help you identify which of our products would align best with your needs and lifestyle, we have developed this simple tool that asks a few questions and makes a recommendation based on your choices.

Which Mobility+Designed crutch is right for you?

Which Crutch Is Right For You

At Mobility+Designed, we offer a variety of options for different lifestyles. Let's start by focusing on how long you will be using crutches.

As a short-term user, the product we recommend will depend on just how long your recovery is anticipated to take.

We offer a few different options when it comes to paying for your crutches. You can purchase crutches, rent them, or even rent-to-own.

Rent the M+D Crutch

Rent The M+D Crutch

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Buy Combo Stix

The right solution for you may depend on the type of mobility aid you are currently using.

"Traditional" walking aids like canes and crutches can often cause uncomfortable wrist, hand, or shoulder pain.

Purchase both the M+D Crutch and Combo Stix

Purchase the M+D Crutch and Combo Stix bundle

Buy the M+D Crutch

Buy The M+D Crutch

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Rent the M+D Crutch

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