Donate A Pair Of M+D Crutches And Support Someone In Need

Thank You From The Entire Team At Mobility+Designed

Dan Alcazar, CEO of Mobility+Designed

Dan Alcazar
CEO of Mobility+Designed

On behalf of the entire Mobility+Designed team, I would like to thank you for considering the donation of a pair of M+D crutches through this giving campaign.  At M+D, we are passionate about not only evolving the modern-day crutch, but also ensuring that those who use crutches can do so with less pain and faster recovery times.


Your donation of a pair of M+D Crutches will help us further that mission, but ensuring that those in Israel who need crutches will have access to the most innovative crutch on the market.


If you are not able to donate the full $125.00 for a pair of crutches, feel free to use the button below to donate any amount that meets your budget.


We appreciate your contribution and support.

Donate A Pair Of M+D Crutches

Donate 1 pair of M+D Crutches to Yad Sarah ($125). Mobility+Designed will cover all shipping costs associated with shipping the M+D Crutches to Israel.

Donate To Friends Of Yad Sarah

If you cannot donate a pair of crutches, any donation amount is appreciated and will help us reach our goal. Click the button belwo to make a tax-deductible donation to Friends of Yad Sarah and support the mission of Yad Sarah in Israel.

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