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M+D Combo Stix Models

MD10100 M+D Combo Stix Pair – Black

MD10101 M+D Combo Stix Single – Black

MD10102 M+D Combo Stix, Replacement Feet

MD10103 M+D Combo Stix, Replacement Cradle Pad

MD10104 M+D Combo Stix, Replacement Arm Band Right

MD10105 M+D Combo Stix, Replacement Arm Band Left

MD10106 M+D Combo Stix, Replacement Handle Grip

Contact info, FAQ, & tutorial videos found at: https://www.mobilitydesigned.com/combo-stix-training/ 


Height and Weight Range

This device is suitable for users 4 ft 9 inches to 6 ft 7 inches in height (1.44 m to 2.0 m)

Maximum weight: 330 lb 150 kgs

Intended Use

The M+D Combo Stix™ is to be used as a walking aid for patients who are non-weight bearing on a single lower extremity, or for users who require additional support when walking.

Product Structures and Features

IFU ComboStix Features

*Note: Right hand crutch shown.


  1. Arm Pad
  2. Handle Grip
  3. Handle Tube
  4. Leg Aperture/Cap
  5. Upper Leg
  6. Leg Snap Button
  7. Foot
  8. Arm Band – Right shown
  9. Arm band Rail
  10. Crutch Body
  11. Leg Lock Button
  12. Leg Aperture
  13. Lower Leg

Combo Stix Position Benefits

Platform Position benefit:

No strain on hands and wrists. Uses elbows/forearms to fully support. Great for longer distances and less use of hands to support weight.

IFU ComboStix Platform Position

Forearm Position benefit:

Great for tighter spaces, offers industry leading support and stability. More reclined position transfers more of user’s weight to elbow/forearm

IFU ComboStix Forearm Position

Height Adjustment

1. Forearm height adjustment:

Standing upright, hands should be firmly supported without lifting shoulders.

2. Platform height adjustment:

Standing upright, elbow should be firmly supported without lifting shoulders.

IFU ComboStix Forearm And Platform Position

Aligning Handle For Right Or Left-Handed Use

Aligning handle for right- or left-handed use:

  1. For right hand: Align “R” slot in body with key on handle tube
  2. For left hand: Align “L” slot in body with key on handle tube
  3. Remove screw, adjust handle length, re-secure screw in handle tube
IFU ComboStix Changing Handle For Right Or Left

Adjusting Handle For Arm Length

Adjusting handle length:

1: Elbow should rest against back of cradle, with no pressure between palm and handle grip.

2: When satisfied with distance, fasten handle screw in hole on the crutch that lines up with the hole at the end of the handle tube.

IFU ComboStix Arm Length

Assembling and Adjusting Handle For Arm Length

Tip: (1). When handle Key (see pg. 7) aligns with “R” for Right or “L” for Left, bolt aligns to corresponding “R” or “L” holes in body of crutch(2)

Adjusting Handle

Secure Handle tube to crutch body: After determining appropriate handle length, place screw (previously removed from tube) in corresponding screw hole. Use coin or screwdriver to tighten the screw.

Adjusting Handle

*Note: Right hand position shown. Left hand position is opposite setup.

IFU ComboStix Changing Arm Bands

Changing The Arm Band Placement

Step 1. To change the arm band placement remove screw using a Philips head screwdriver.

IFU ComboStix Changing Arm Bands

Step 2. Pull up on bottom hard plastic arm band clip to pop off side rail.

IFU ComboStix Changing Arm Bands

Step 3: Install armbands on cradle: (1) align top of arm band clip to  lip of cradle rail. (2) align screw hole of clip to screw hole in rail. (3&4) Press firmly to “snap” bottom tabs over bottom rail. Ensure armband is correctly installed.

IFU ComboStix Changing Arm Bands

Step 4: Tighten Make sure both top and bottom tabs of arm band clip are securely snapped to rail, then screw in arm band clip and tighten screw using a screwdriver.

IFU ComboStix Changing Arm Bands

Tips For Platform Position Stability

A . Tips for Platform position stability:

Make an “A”-FRAME with your crutches by keeping your ELBOWS IN tight to your sides and placing your crutch feet out to give your A-frame a WIDE BASE.

IFU ComboStix Platform Mode

B. Keeping your elbows tight to your sides move crutch feet forward doing a small BICEP CURL. C. Keep your elbows in, CORE ENGAGED and back straight.

IFU ComboStix Platform Mode

Changing Modes, Platform To Forearm

Changing Modes, Platform to Forearm:

(1) Press and hold lever button open, (2) pull & remove leg from main body.

Changing mode inserting leg

Changing Modes, Platform to Forearm:

(3) Align Key on cap of leg tube with Keyed slot in body. Insert leg. (4/5) insert leg until lever “clicks” closed, locking leg into position.

*Caution: Ensure leg is locked into snap button lever before use.

IFU ComboStix Changing Height

Not intended for use in these positions.

*Caution: If snap-button is stuck inside leg, stop use of crutch, use flat-head screwdriver to pop back out or contact your local customer support.

IFU ComboStix

Changing Crutch Foot

Changing Crutch Foot:

(1) pull off

(2) push on until leg fully inserted.

IFU ComboStix Changing Feet

General Use – Help, Contact Info, FAQ

Warranty, Replacement Parts/Maintenance and Cleaning

Warranty: The M+D Limited Warranty covers your M+D Combo Stix™ and M+D branded accessories against manufacturing defects for one year from the date you received your product. Our warranty is in addition to rights provided by consumer law.

Our warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications. See our warranty for complete details.


Replacement Parts:       www.mobilitydesigned.com/shop


Maintenance and Cleaning: Brush off dust and dirt or wipe with a damp cloth. Feet should be replaced if treads are worn flat, the feet have cracks, or are damaged. *If there is noticeable damage to product, stop use and call your local customer support.

Contact Info

Mobility Designed Incorporated

1.844.637.STEP (7837)

816.945.STEP (7837)

1427 West 9th ST, SUITE 504

Kansas City, MO. 64101





FDA# 3012093174


Pats: US D799,704 US D804,675 US D804,676



FAQ, & tutorial videos found at:



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