It began with a mission to make crutch-assisted mobility comfortable and functional.

Mobility+Designed was featured in Co.Design and highlights the story and features of the M+D Crutch
Our story was featured by Business Insider explaining the purpose behind our redesign of traditional crutches
Design Boom featured the M+D Crutch in an article focusing on its design using elbows not armpits for weight distribution
Gizmodo published an article featuring the comfort enhancements of the M+D Crutch over the traditional crutch
Mobility+Designed CoFounder Max Younger was featured by Huffington Post discussing why mobility should be as pain free as possible
The Mobility+Designed crutch was featured by The Verge explaining why the M+D Crutch is superior to the traditional crutch
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Our Team

Dan Alcazar, CEO of Mobility+Designed

Dan Alcazar

CEO/Board Member

Liliana Younger, CBO of Mobility+Designed

Liliana Younger

CBO/Board Member

Max Younger, CIO of Mobility+Designed

Max Younger

CIO/Board Member

Lee Staehr, Director of Finance for Mobility+Designed

Lee Staehr

Director of Finance

Ria Rao, Senior Project Manager for Mobility+Designed

Ria Rao

Regulatory Manager

Theresa Alcazar, International Programs for Mobility+Designed

Theresa Alcazar

International Programs

Tom Babb

Community Manager

John Arnspiger

Industrial Designer

Jake Johnson

Materials Manager

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Our Products

Experience functional comfort and less pain when using Mobility+Designed products.

Pair of M+D Crutches

Pair of M+D

Pair of
Combo Stix

M+D Mobility+Designed Crutch Cane Alternative

Refurbished M+D Crutch
Cane Alternative

M+D Crutch Replacement Feet


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