John Shares His Experience Shifting Weight From His Wrists Made A Difference In His Comfort

M+D crutches have the power to change a life.

John is the founder of Constantly Positive, an organization dedicated to raising money for suicide prevention. He also has cerebral palsy, which necessitates the use of crutches.

For years, John used traditional forearm crutches to improve his mobility. However, those crutches left him dealing with persistent shoulder pain. His life changed when he met Max, the founder of M+D, at a Kansas City Royals baseball game.

John waited as M+D worked through the creation of a prototype and production of the crutch, until he had the life-changing mobility tools in his hands. Changing the way his weight is distributed on his crutches has solved his chronic shoulder pain issues and improved his mobility.

M+D crutches changed John’s life, making it possible for him to put his focus on helping others instead of worrying about chronic pain.

Check out John’s video where he shares his experiences with the M+D Crutch.

John’s M+D Story from Mobility Designed on Vimeo.