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Arab Health Logo

January 27-30, 2020

Arab Health

Dubai World Trade Centre


Please join us at Arab Health 2020, as we demonstrate our current lineup of M+D Crutches and accessories and our latest mobility innovation, Combo Stix.


If you are a medical device distributor and are interested in learning about our distributor program, please stop by our booth and learn more about our products, our distribution logistics, and our distributor support offerings.

Our Products

Experience functional comfort and less pain when using Mobility+Designed products.

Pair of M+D Crutches

Pair of M+D

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Pair of
Combo Stix

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M+D Mobility+Designed Crutch Cane Alternative

Refurbished M+D Crutch
Cane Alternative

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M+D Crutch Replacement Feet


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