Lisa, Short-Term Crutch User: One Mom’s Story of Recovery

As soon as I started using the M+D crutch, my entire body felt more normal

Lisa, 49, grew up dancing and cheerleading, and she’s continued to stay active with yoga. But in 2016, Lisa started to experience pain in her hip and glute area, which was exacerbated by movement. She discovered she had a labral tear in her hip that would require surgery and temporarily prevent her from not only working out, but also from performing daily tasks like driving.

“I had avoided the surgery, because doctors in Kansas City had told me I would not be able to drive for five to six weeks postop and the recovery would be really hard to get through with being a mom of three boys,” one of whom has special needs, she said.

Lisa waited two years before she underwent the surgery with Dr. Philippon at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colo., where many professional athletes go for treatment. Thankfully, the surgery was a great success, and Lisa was able to drive within five days; however, she started to experience pain elsewhere because of her prescribed crutches.

“I had a lot of shoulder pain; the palms of my hands were incredibly sore; and I had horrible posture,” she said. “Basically, my hip felt fine and everything else hurt from the crutches.”

Being a mom of three, she couldn’t completely stop to recover — not to mention, her family was in the middle of moving. When a friend and neighbor saw her struggling, they recommended the M+D Crutch.

“As soon as I started using the M+D Crutch, my posture was much better. My shoulders did not ache; my hands got much needed relief; my entire body felt more normal,” she said. Overall, the M+D Crutch made it much less painful for Lisa to get around and go about her life.

“I thought I had some very high-end crutches when I left Vail, but they still caused pain. I was thrilled to get to use the M+D Crutch for the final few weeks of my recovery. My kids thought they looked really cool, which was an additional bonus!”

Whether you are a short-term or permanent crutch user, the M+D Crutch can help you experience greater mobility with more versatility and less pain. Visit our online store to purchase a set or single crutch for your recovery.

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